‘Maytag Virgin’ looks under love’s Yellow Brick Road to inspect its rocky ground

All they need is love, says the teaser for the upcoming production, “Maytag Virgin,” at Gulfshore Playhouse.

Love, and a little less baggage. Love, and a lot less fear.

Love, and playwright Audrey Cefaly to find the threads of conflict in the weaving of a new relationship.

This is not a boy-meets-girl story, director Jeffrey Binder warned. 

“It’s not ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ It’s two people with a history. They’re both widows — widower and widow. They both had very different relationships with their spouses,” he said.  

“The thing that makes it exciting to me is that they’re mature adults who have a history beyond meeting one another that, as with all of us, factors in to how we approach love in our peak years. There’s a complexity to the relationships and a depth to their history that I think spins the play in very, very interesting directions. “

Harriet Howard Heithaus, Naples Daily News

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