Actors Maureen Silliman and William Parry have been a couple in real life for almost three decades, but they rarely get to play one together onstage.

The two are so beloved by Southwest Florida audiences that Kristen Courey, founder and producing artistic director of Gulfshore Playhouse, had to find a play for them.

“She thought ‘Native Gardens’ would be the perfect one for us to do together,” says Ms. Silliman, naming last season’s eighth most-produced play in the U.S. The play by Karen Zacarias is also perfect for the Gulfshore Playhouse audience, she adds. “Kristen has a really good ear for what her audience wants to hear and see.”

The couple cleared their calendar when offered the roles.

“We’ve come to be extremely fond of Gulfshore Playhouse,” Mr. Parry says. “We both really love working here.”

Nancy Stetson, Florida Weekly

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