Review: Gulfshore Playhouse premieres an optimistic parable in ‘Another Revolution’

Kat is a self-made woman, an environmentalist pursuing her career with the zeal of the born-again and aflame with sympathies for the Vietnam protesters on Columbia University’s campus. She’s confrontational and proud of it.

Henry is bright but tunnel-visioned, skipping boring classes until he’s close to failure and a “Greetings” letter from his draft board, but deeply in love with his subject, The Universe. He talks to it.

When these two meet in the lab that the administration has subdivided between them  — without Kat’s knowledge — no one will need the Weather Underground or the Students for a Democratic Society for incendiaries. “Another Revolution,” in its full-stage world premiere production at Gulfshore Playhouse, steers these two personalities among explosions and detente toward a friendship born of honesty.

That honesty, as seen through playwright Jacqueline Bircher‘s characters, can be brutal. But the wounds reveal human blood. When Kat rants about Henry’s revised project becoming a tool for weapons development, killing people, he shoots back that her winning the grant they’ve been competing for will doom him to draft status, a death sentence to him. It’s a powerful moment in the play.

Harriet Howard Heithaus, Naples Daily News

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