Gulfshore Playhouse fights ‘Another Revolution’ with ’60s culture clashes not unlike today’s

They’re not twins. Still, the turbulent 1960s —with the Vietnam War, the environmental movement and changing sexual and cultural philosophies — is close kin to the new millennium’s second decade.

That’s why New York playwright Jacqueline Bircher set  “Another Revolution,” in its world premiere at Gulfshore Playhouse this weekend, in the ’60s. (For details, see the accompanying information box.)

“Although the play was written about 1968, it was always meant to be about our current moment,” Bircher said this week. 

She describes life today as a “politically charged” existence, full of news about which we can do little and news about which we should do something — but we’re not always sure what that something is.

“I felt like I was drowning in it all of the time. Every day felt like a new geopolitical crisis,” she said of 2017 and 2018, when she wrote the play. “And amid that, our lives are still happening. So there’s conflicts happening in my own life while there’s conflicts happening in the world…

Harriet Howard Heithaus, Naples Daily News 

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