Sean McGinley

Sound Designer

Sean has been the resident sound engineer with Gulfshore Playhouse for the last year having worked on projects like the Cabaret series, education shows and Higher. He was also the sound designer for Love Letters and Maytag Virgin.

Sean has been a sound engineer and designer with The Penobscot Theatre in Maine, Theatre Workshop of Nantucket in Massachusetts, and Starquest Performing Arts Competitions touring the country. He has done sound engineering projects with many other companies including Center for the Arts Bonita, Gable Stage, Theatre Zone, Ten Bucks Theatre, Robinson Ballet, and One Egg No Batter Productions. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Industry and Recording Technology from York College of Pennsylvania.

He has been in love with live sound since he was thirteen and first sat behind a console at his church. Sean can be found editing music and podcasts in his free time as well as hiking and camping. He is also an audio engineer at Naples United Church of Christ. He would like to thank his family and Alivia for their continued support of his dream and passion.

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